Haba Doll Bed and Wardrobe

I’ve never heard of the brand Haba but came across this toy store selling really cute toys. Haba is a Germany toy company. They have the cutest doll bed and wardrobe. The bedding is reversible (pink on one side and red on the other. Note those ultra cute hangers in different colors!
haba-doll-bed-flower-burst haba-doll-cupboard
They also sell Gotz dolls and clothes.  I see some nice clothes once in a while from Pottery Barn Kids, but this site has some good (and different) styles. The cardigan is amazing.
gotz_blue_flower_set gotz_floral_cardigan_set

Daycare Cot Sheets

A friend sends her kids to daycare and told me about daycare cot sheets. These are little stackable cots for little kids to take naps. (I could never understand how they make a kid take a nap in the middle of the day, let alone 10 of them. My kids never ever took naps whenever I was home with them. I, on the other hand, would love to take a nap after takign care of them.) Parents are usually asked to bring in a cot sheet to cover up the cot.

Using a sample my friend gave me, I copied the pattern and made one for her. She urged me to sell them and I decided to give it a try. My cot sheets cost more basically because I spend a lot more on the fabrics. I choose the designs that appeal to me and would have purchased myself. It takes 1.5 yards to make a standard sized cot sheet.

Apples and Pears Daycare Cot Sheet
Lemons Daycare Cot Sheet

Ikea Doll Bed

The boys (and hubby) find my American Girl doll creepy because I keep her in the original box and they think it’s her coffin. Don’t you like how boys (and men) think? Well, being a scaredy cat myself, that idea has somehow stuck with me and I think it’s really time to get her a bed. I’ve been asking hubby to make me a bed since he’s a pretty good carpenter having built his own custom bar, but I think the thought of a doll bed doesn’t quite get him interested enough to start working. And I came across this today:
The Ikea Duktig doll bed even comes with bed linen. They really think of everything! Now I just need to get hubby to take me to Ikea when we have some free time and maybe he can help me build one for my American Girl Mini doll (Mini Ivy)…

Fitted T-Shirt for American Girl Mini Doll

The last American Girl Mini Doll Valentine outfit inspired me to make more things for my Mini Ivy. I decided to work on a fitted tee. The first one came out way too small. Second try was okay, but still a little too short. It would have been perfect if it was a tiny bit longer. Back to the drawing board…

Way too small...it doesn't have enough room on the back to close.

Way too small…it doesn’t have enough room on the back to close.

Slightly better but you still can see belly!

Slightly better but you still can see belly!

Valentine Tutu Tutorial for an American Girl Mini Doll

Yes, there are probably one million tutu tutorials out there. However, I think there are maybe only a thousand of those for the mini doll (but I haven’t really checked). I thought I would give it a try since it would be a good first tutorial for me. Please let me know what you think. The entire outfit is available at my Esty shop.

Some Valentine’s Day Dresses for American Girl, Bitty Baby, and Mini Doll

I have come up with a few dresses with the Valentine’s Day theme fabrics for American Girl, Bitty Baby (also for Bitty Twins), and Mini Doll. All of them are available at my Etsy site. The smaller white-heart-on-red print seems to come out better for the mini doll than for the bigger dolls. The colorful heart print is only good for the big dolls. There are a few prints (such as this white heart print) that I use for all 3 sizes of dolls.  When you’re shopping for fabrics, do you consider the print scale for what you’re making? That’s a very important part of the planning of your project as you can see from the different results using the same fabric.

IMG_0684 IMG_0693 IMG_0699 IMG_0761 IMG_0765

Valentine’s Day Fabrics


It’s only one month from Valentine’s Day and of course hearts are a necessity. These beautiful fabrics are from my last purchase from fabric.com. I find the different colored hearts more refreshing but I guess red is still the choice of color for Valentine’s Day. These are for doll clothes. Hopefully they’ll end up in my etsy shop soon.